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Start up Nation. The word is on everyone’s lips when talking about Israel. But a country as small as it is, can it look like a start-up?
It happened that I found myself in Tel Aviv when stood a digital innovation festival that brings together investors and entrepreneurs worldwide.
Beyond the events organized for the occasion, I felt a creative energy, dynamism wind enthusiasm. Tel Aviv, the city where all young people believe in their future, want or at least have the ability to create their business, 1 in 6 people has created its start-up in this country. That’s the answer to our riddle.
Length met there, Israeli very simply explain that you are still looking for a way to compensate for what we did not. Tel Aviv is close to the desert, so in a very inhospitable environment. In an almost permanent state of war. Adversity is the mother of creativity.

Living in this adversity gives a boost of energy, a desire to fight.
This tiny country believes with its gray matter. The growth comes from the mind, not from the earth. And slowly, Israel became the epicenter of global investments. Chinese, South Korean, Japanese, Indian. And in passing an example for many smaller growing countries.

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