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Jean Mus


He has a small rigid and authoritarian air. But you soon realize that this is only a facade. Jean Mus is quite the opposite. A delicate man, steeped in humility whose ego has not bloated over the years and success. Especially when you made before a declaration of love for plants. For John Mus became one of Landscape Architects, the most prominent of the moment. He has just completed the patio of the Ritz. On Abramovich, the stars of the cross, all pulling their services landscape architecture firm that son of a gardener. … In a hinterland driven by the bling bling and easy money of Russian and Scandinavian surfortunés, Jean Mus continues to work with his heart. touching encounter with a poet gardens.

How do you become a gardener?
My father was head gardener at Francis de Croisset, playwright. We lived on his property, I am born in a garden! I played tennis with the Rothschilds or the Montebello, it was an extraordinary childhood …

Would you say that the job changed?
Being a gardener today is being merchant of happiness, pleasure. Incense the sense it is an act of generosity. The profession has evolved but the gestures remain the same: to accompany the plants, be humble servants of a garden, obey nature, because we tend to forget is that it order.
Gardener is a sensual art. But that also requires working his imagination! You have to imagine what may look like a garden in several years. Some clients also ask myself gardens for eternity. Because the gardens are owners in owners!

Have you seen customer requirements evolve and how do you work?
I respect the identity of the place. There must be a resonance between the place, the owner and the garden. Then, of course, wishes change. It goes to the most romantic gardens, laced with a certain nostalgia. Today luxury is space.

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