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Guillaume Nery, Apneist


Apnea has become a trendy sport, even a way of life. How could you explain it?

I am convinced that this corresponds to the need of an era: we are in the century of speed, acceleration, we are all connected numerically and therefore, unfortunately, disconnected from the essential.

Apnea is the perfect return to simple things. Apnea forces us to be face to face with ourselves so we reconnect to a form of simplicity.

What is interesting about apnea is that, whatever his desire, we are confronted with the constraints, with the adaptation of our body, it is a lesson of life. And that is why there is a real craze today.


What has always attracted you to apnea? 

The foundations do not change. Apnea goes well beyond sport, it’s an adventure, an exploration. I like simplicity, the search for purity. It is a work of patience, rigor and listening to ourself.

It’s paradoxical, but to be successful, you have to do nothing, be as relaxed as possible. It is a sport that is fantastic to reconnect with oneself, because the water, which envelopes, allows to cut the usual mechanics of the senses. We find ourselves isolated by this mass of water that forces us to find ourselves in a moment of inner calm. We have to find ourselves. A little prisoner of his own body. When we accept this we are in the consciousness of his body.


Today, your daily life is expanding in the fight for the preservation of the oceans and the marine environment, what are the stakes? And how do you explain that awareness is so stammering?

The problem is global. Everything is interconnected. I am experiencing great personal changes in this fight: no longer flying in France and Europe, limiting my movements, no longer eating mammals or fish, stop using plastic. I question all my actions. This allows me to gain consistency: I can not travel the world up and down and advocate a message of sobriety.


Your videos achieve incredible scores like One breath around the world, on the internet and seduce international stars. What does it inspire you?

The basis of my inspiration is to bring the movements terrestrial, aerial, all that one has learned in our everyday earth, filling it with water… To take inspiration from what one does on earth, to have earthly actions released from gravity. Be inspired by inspiring and unusual places. One breath around the world explores unusual, spectacular, aesthetic places, it was the root of the project. It is also an underwater journey. An odyssey A crossing of the worlds.


You are supported by a legendary brand, Panerai, why is it so important for you? 

It’s a partnership that makes sense to me. I do not want to associate with any brand. I am looking for brands that understand my sincere image. I share with Panerai a common history, this love of exploration, of the unknown, this love of the Mediterranean. I like the fact that they look on a long term, I like the aesthetics of their products. Panerai is what I am.


Do you ever hold your breath anywhere else than underwater?

Yes, just to train. Because I want to keep the aquatic world for more pleasant sensations. I do static apnea exercises at home.

In moments of meditation, I will be able to hold my breath, this suspended moment allows me to calm down even more my thought. The suspension of the breath obliges me to calm my mind.

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