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Dimitri Mussard


– Why do you leave in Brazil?
Chance of life led me to know my neighbor Brazilian in Paris as I was returning from a world tour after working in finance. During this exceptional trip, I realized that finance was not for me and when I returned to France this Brazilian offered to rent his apartment in São Paulo. I did not hesitate a long time and decided to put my bags here just for people. I love their joy of living, constant good humor, their limitless positivism!

– It seems that you love Italy and its ice?
I do not know a country also grows well its “savoir vivre” than Italy. France is certainly not far behind, but in the words of Cocteau “The Italians are good-natured French” and it shows when traveling in this country. Everything is beautiful, architecture, gastronomy, women … and I’m not disappointed either insensitive to the famous Italian Gelateria. This is also what prompted me to open Gelateria (Dri Dri Gelato) in São Paulo in February 2014. – Are there in your clean energy in Brazil that can not be found anywhere else in the world?
This is obvious and nobody can say otherwise. I was lucky despite my young age to travel a lot. Yet the energy that reigns here is present in any other country I have visited. It is true that the paradox of Brazil is its lifestyle and its violence. But what is certain is that positivism people moves us to undertake, it is contaminant and that’s what makes me sometimes say that Brazil is a natural prozac!

– You have to build a house architect Marcio Kogan with in a remote corner of the Brazilian pampas, how did you got hold of this place outsized?
This is again a matter of meeting! When I arrived in Brazil I found my first job in real estate. I sold the islands and I got in touch with a French who owns a hotel in front of the islands. A few years later he bought a French to Fazenda in this region and I visited this place with my mother who had a real heart for this place. Architect Marcio Kogan then also had a heart stroke, we met and after having dreamed of building the first house 100% autonomous and environmentally responsible Brazil, she’s really out of the ground… The strength of the Brazilian optimism without any doubt!

– Architecture design combined with large areas it corresponds to a new form of escape?
This highly innovative and complex project was designed by Marcio Kogan with the term “modernist caipira” which is untranslatable but that would be a kind of modern local farm. It certainly represents a new form of escape would be very comfortable at the same time while respecting nature, landscape and the region. The architecture of the house, completely horizontal, a primary goal to blend into the landscape. Then everything is home-made to feel close to what makes the beauty of this area: nature. Finally, since luxury is certainly today the quiet space, rarity, this house has to be one of the most luxurious on the planet!

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