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« Le voyage rend plus intelligent parce qu'il force à penser en dehors de ses repères habituels ». Fernand Braudel

NEXT DINNER WITH Antoine Westermann : 30 novembre 2016

Wednesday, November 30, 2016 the three-star chef Antoine Westermann, creator of trendy bistros Coq Rico in Paris and New York, will be both in the kitchen and at the table with us in an extraordinary place in the heart of the city that never sleeps!

An incredible and unique experience to discover different tastes and textures of luxury poultry.

The desire to leave you itchy but you need to be referred to the most beautiful spots on the planet? Capucine Graby offers inspirational dinner in a private apartment, in which she will guide you to places that traditional travel agencies do not offer.
Where escape and when? What are the best destinations for surfing? Coo? Diving? To cook ? Running the contemporary art galleries? Ride a horse ? Take a koala in her arms or swimming in a natural pool in the desert? Capucine Graby will convey his passion for travel and you will blow amazing ideas on the most secret places of our planet.

Champagne Billecart Salmon, and wines from the Domaine Sainte Marie in Ramatuelle (France).
Special thanks : Turquoise Life/ NYC

220 dollars per person
Réservation :
Please book in advance, only 10 guests accepted.

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