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Who wants to hunt beaver?

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Beaver hunt? Moreover moonlight and on a boat? What a good idea preposterous. I leave this safari however tempted by another kind of popular Swedish. The beaver my childhood. In my imagination, it looks like a big coon. Or maybe a little bear. In all cases a sweet and endearing animal. The experience can be interesting.

It was almost more beavers in Europe due to hunting too invasive. Reintroduced, they are now very numerous in the Scandinavian countries, particularly Sweden.

So here we are, 200 km from Stockholm-equipped to face the cold and rain, and ready to observe the famous “beaver” who takes up residence in Swedish lakes.
The Swedish guide is literally excited. Yet he did this almost every day safari. He shows us with unfeigned pleasure tree trunks that have been meticulously cut by the teeth of the rodent. Herculean strength.
Here we are now aboard the zodiac which soars gently, the lowest possible engine in the mist. That we get to see beavers or not, I would have at least won the beauty of this landscape breathtaking wrapped in a quilted mist. Suddenly, a form begins to undulate under the bamboo. With our binoculars, we soon validate that it is a beaver, out of his famous “lodge”, his nest, he took weeks to build meticulously.
We will track down fifteen in the sweetness of dusk for 4 hours. Some on the ground floor. A little long.. you will tell me, but what an experience. What a tranquility. What communion with nature. The last minutes the sun set over the lake, sweating pale pink, on a water shrouded in fog. In the distance a few egrets or herons live their lives.

This travel experience interests me!

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