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The taste of silence

Languid awakening in the middle of the "Empty Quarter". The one that bewitched travel writer Wilfred Thesiger. The "Desert of Deserts" as he called it, which stretches between the United Arab Emirates, Oman, Saudi Arabia and Yemen and which the British surveyed in the post-war period. His ambition? to be the first European to map the largest expanse of sand on the planet. One of the most isolated in the world too. Almost lifeless. Where you are told that you are lucky when you come face to face with a dromedary or a scorpion.

On two occasions, Thesiger, an indefatigable explorer, crossed this desert, escorted by Bedouin tribes from South Arabia, whose self-sacrifice and devotion he describes in his works. Admiring, he recounts, over the pages, their ascetic way of life, in the form of human resignation. Rereading these words is an invitation to travel since this desert is intact, but also to the history of our world.

Here I am, following in his footsteps, a childhood dream. Here I am lost in the middle of this desert which already makes me familiar with the absolute. Here I am taming these undulating bronze-colored dunes, these dry salt lakes, reminiscent of the Chilean Atacama.

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Photo credit: Marika Poquet


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