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Burmese ricepaddies and green tea

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There is a trek to avoid at all costs to avoid walking with other tourists, it is the one that is used by hundreds of people per day between Kalaw and Inle Lake.

MyMoonSpots has found for you a ride out of time where rice fields merge with tea or coffee plantations.

You will leave a small village located about forty minutes from Kalaw, the trail is steep and crisscrosses between plantations of tomatoes, banana, ginger, corn or eggplant. The zig trail delicately zaps and sometimes hosts a bamboo forest or reveals an amphitheater rice paddies as intimidating as unsuspected. The vegetation is lush, the green is declined to infinity. After 3 hours of walking, you will reach a village Shan, your stop of the night. Indelible images of these frail bamboo houses, and of these women dressed in the traditional orange turban dress tied in their hair. Sweet melody of an evening at the corner of an improvised fire, communion of souls, learning from each other, communicating with looks and smiles …

We must go to meet these ethnic groups still away from the tourist stream. Who have so much to give you and still so little to ask you.

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The dream place

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