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Ride a Google bike in Mountain View!

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This is an advice I should not be giving you. But what a piece of adrenaline!
While I was in Mountain View, here I am on the Google campus with my shooting crew. We have no ban on filming and walk around the parking of one of the building of this site. So far, so good. This is where I see the object of all my desires: a GB. Google Bike codename on this site, looking cool and friendly but is actually more secure than any prison. There are ten, quietly lined up, all of yellow, green and blue dressed and appear to stretch my arms. FYI, riding bike and me, has always been a tender passion.

But the idea of pedaling on the same Bicloune Larry Page or Sundar Pichai in seconds becomes subject to all the temptations. I know these bikes are exclusively for Google employees. They allow them to navigate from one site to another and in order to save time while changing ideas. I know that a camera caught my actions but impossible to resist: I mounted a bicycle. Instantly, a scent of freedom intoxicates me. That moment of ecstasy was short-lived. I quickly see two big dogs, also riding a bike; headset glued to their ear and obviously very determined to embark on my heels. The chase lasted only a few minutes. After an interrogation worthy of the CIA, they coldly invite me to leave the campus.
Yet, deep down, I was jubilant, happy to have transgressed the rules. So if you too, you go there, do not hesitate one second and dare prohibited…


Where: All sites Mountain View campus, a true Google-land, bikes are equipped with Google.

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