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Meet the Sakalava people in a dugout canoe

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Embark aboard a dhow worthy of One Thousand and One Nights. The navigation is smooth and invites you to go back in time. You can go for a day or decide to play chic adventurers camping out a night or two. The landscape is heavenly, you feel the soul of a discoverer. The lagoons are turquoise, a few meters, some dolphins arrive to tease your boat. In July, it happens that we notice some whales coming from Antarctica to give birth in the warm waters of the red island.

After a few hours of navigation, you land on a deserted beach which is settled in a village of fishermen. Men, women and many children live on this piece of land. The heat makes them lackadaisical. Some will come up to you to start a discussion, others prefer to stay in their world, in this timeless place, perched between sea and land. A location that is accessible only to insiders for an extraordinary experience.

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