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Octopus fishing on a sicilian island

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Clemente is one of the colorful characters of the island. A grand nostalgic of the mattanza, this bluefin tuna fishing was practiced in Favignana until his sudden stop in 2009. Clemente is a figure of the island because he was the first right hand of the leader of mattanza. Both of them were known for their hand-to-hand with these giants of the sea.

If mattanza was a ritual for the island, it would also be its economic powerhouse: the canning factory, one of the most important in Sicily, supplying all of Italy. In recent years, Clemente and his abundant mop of hair were forced to change jobs. He embarks tourists on his tub as a profession, a boat tour around the island. On board, it’s a spectacle for the eyes but also taste buds. Clemente takes you to the most mythic and secret coves of the island. The star attraction is fishing that takes place before your eyes. After a long minute, you’ll see Clemente going back with – if you’re lucky – an octopus wrapped around his arm. It’s time to sit at the table…and Clemente cooks for you aboard, the result of his fishing, all seasoned with garlic and olive oil…a delight…


A partir de 30 euros par personne. Excursion possible à partir du Cas’almare.A partir de 30 euros par personne. Excursion possible à partir du Cas’almare.

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