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In the footsteps of Keith Haring in Bushwhack

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3 letters for the answer : Joe.

It all starts in 2012. A native of the district, the latter wants to get him out of disgrace. His idea ? Invite artists, to color it and attract tourists.

Dasic Fernandez, Sipros, Case McLaim, D * Face or Jeff Aerosol) are starting to give themselves RV and give free rein to their talent. Their code name: the Bushwick Collective.

Around the Jefferson Avenue metro, it is today a feast, a condensed of the nec plus ultra in world street art. An abundance, diversity, an artistic fever that give goose bumps.

Artists have finally found a ground of inspiration and a creative impulse under the leadership of the collective Bushwick.

MyMoonSpots, in collaboration with New York Off Road, invites you to a stroll in this area.

And why would not you be the next street art artist? The second part of the afternoon is an immersion in an artistic universe of which you will be the first actor.

Accompanied by an artist, installed on a wall in full bushwick, it is you who will have the bombs in hand and find the inspiration to fill the white cloth that is provided to you.

Activity for children… and adults! From 6 years. Amazing success guaranteed.

(We leave with his work!)


Stroll and activity of 2 hours, or directly with the sparkling Elise, founder of the agency New York Off Road: elise @ newyorkoff road.comTarif

$ 289 for 2 people, then $ 30 / pers more

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