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Fathom a brazilian favela

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These deprived neighborhoods swell the suburbs of large Brazilian megalopolis like Rio or Sao Paulo awaking conflicting feelings. Myth for some, anxiety for others.
Yet there’s so much to learn from favelas that we don’t know enough of, full of innovative solutions to get rid of these ghettos in greatest poverty. Soak up these places, it’s also understanding a part of Brazil’s struggle to improve conditions of living which were excluded from growing. Don’t forget that Brazil isn’t just for beaches of coconut palm or the 2016 Olympics.

MyMoonSpots recommends you to travel in secret places, to exceed in a festive plan, but also keep your eyes wide open to the world around us that moves! Come and meet Joaquim Melo, an extraordinary person who created the first community bank in Brazil and helped thousands of Brazilians get out of poverty. The microcredit model developed in Bangladesh by Muhammad Yunus, founder of Grameen Bank and Nobel Peace Prize winner, wasn’t adaptable to the country? Joaquim therefore created Palmas to reduce poverty in a favela of Fortaleza by relocating the economy.
The Central Bank of Brazil has officially recognized the importance of this alternative model to serve 30 million Brazilians excluded from the financial system. To reveal urgency.

Pratique : Lire le portrait de Joaquim Melo par Capucine Graby dans la revue Long Cours :

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