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Climb Stromboli


For thousands of years, Stromboli has been the lighthouse of the Mediterranean. Today it still remains as a rare volcano in the world at almost constant activity, it has set itself up, these last years, in true myth.

Our ascent began around four in the morning, in the dark night, with a light head lamp. The climb takes about three hours, it’s accessible to all. The landscape is lunar. The steep path we
take is draped in ash, gray, some dashed with celadon, or black sand. The scene, so uncommon Finally, the long-awaited arrival, about 750 meters above sea level (Stromboli culminates, it’s about 900 meters).
The craters bubble, bursts of crackling sulfur, the volcanic ash is permanent. Every quarter of an hour, Stromboli spews bursts of lava and projectiles incandescent magma. The spectacle is observed close enough, since it’s a natural promontory.
Be careful. Always. Already, one must come down. The fleeting moment, takes off to soon. Stromboli isn’t Mont Blanc, but one must leave the place! The descent is more painful. Feet hanging, slipping, languid fatigue in the body.

Fortunately, sticks relieve you to walk in the ashes remembering the softness of pillowy snow…Not to be missed in any pretext.

This travel experience interests me!

The dream place

Alone in the world on a volcanic rock


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