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Camel ride to the sea

experienceWild Attitude

Starting with “dune bashing”, meaning crossing sand dunes, the national sport in Oman, which consists of gaining momentum to get over the sand dunes in a four-wheel drive at full throttle. But there’s even more in the change of scenery. Leave the camp at daybreak. Haul yourself on the back of a dromedary (Arabian camel), or for the lazier, get in a four-wheel drive, for a long walk. Cross caravans of Bedouins…dromedaries or goats…suffer from the heat, hydrate and…rehydrate.

Finally, the price of several hours of walking, discover, deep in the desert, the dunes that come to die in the sea. An astonishing scenery. When the sand astonishes with blue waves. Magic elements and nature. For meditating alone or with family because they’re rare, those who venture out far.

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