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Maybe it is because of this rock, imposing, majestic , ready to slide down the mountain...

It is in any case a glass of wine in hand on the stone Dimitri Mussard and his mom have decided: it is here and nowhere else they would build their house. Heart stroke or whim? Both resolutely. A special place, it was an extraordinary space. Catuçaba nestled just 2:30 of Sao Paulo, flirting with the legendary route of the Brazilian coffee is a unique place in the world. Mountains and lush vegetation it flirt. We also had a meeting with an extraordinary man. An architect who take the measure of the uniqueness of this place. And falls in love to break ground more than a house. A gem that communion with nature. The Brazilian architect Marcio Kogan star, will this heart stroke and will propose a sufficiently innovative and responsible project. The first meeting will be decisive. The adventure, as complex as mythical begins. Nothing is left to chance. The wood is transported in the state of Rondonia (trees of the Amazon forest were chosen few to each Indian). Ultimately, it is an architectural feat dominating the Catuçaba Valley. A jewel of wood and bamboo, but especially the first 100% autonomous house of Brazil: a mix wind, photovoltaic, and drinking water source through the nearby … Here, the bold owners have created a truly eco-chic retreat. Alchemy of materials (wood, bamboo, mineral stones), simple decoration but ultra-worked (leather chairs, Native American masks), proof that one can live in isolation but in a luxurious cocoon, kilometers of civilization 3.0 .

Catuçaba (meaning “place for good people” in Tupi-Guarani), is a rare place. A valley bathed in green sparkles. It is believed recognize the emerald green of the Basque country, but the look, irradiated with purple or red vermilion trees, can arise anywhere. No house in sight, only silky green carpet at the crest of the mountains and sugar cane fields and coffee, insolent pride, waterlogged and sun. Nestled few kilometers from the natural park of Serra Do Mar, this valley is still a virgin. A treat for the eyes and senses.

A place where young and old, celebrities and unknown artists and bankers, romantic or Cartesian, come here to draw tranquility and serenity.

The Radiohead guitarist bluntly spent a year in the Fazenda, about the chef Alain Passard, he just feast on the unparalleled taste of organic vegetables grown there.

But what do we do there? Have you ever heard or paid attention to the sound of the wind, deaf and playful. This is a great opportunity! Immerse yourself, -finally- in silence, truth, restive at any ritual. Live in an open space, in harmony with nature and in a mad intimacy with yourself. In the fullness of contemplation of this place outsized where time seems suspended.

lived experience, it is this division of the world. Worst starting from a last earthly paradise with the desire to return as soon as possible.


From 1200 euros per nights for the entire privatization of the place.

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