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It's a wave that breaks. Throughout the world, to our plates, our glasses and our way of moving or even thinking ...



It’s a wave that breaks. Throughout the world, to our plates, our glasses and our way of moving or even thinking … 100 km away from Paris, a Franco Belgian ultra dynamic couple did not hesitate to espouse this trend of the slowlife. Better, use it and deploy it as the frame of their concept. The manor of Surville is a small hotel. Or a large bed and breakfast, because we are welcomed by the owners, as friends. Let’s put things in context: Surville is first and foremost a family house, a historical monument for several generations. Camille lived in the village in the mansion of her parents farmers until the age of 10 before making the big jump of city life. Meanwhile, Surville falls asleep, immutable, patient. Sweet cradle, serious anchoring to whom Camille owes so much. A few years later, a chance: her husband, Hugues, is also fond of the place and they are determined to shake this sleeping beauty to make it the hotel of their dreams. 2 years of titanic work to rehabilitate old buildings hitherto dedicated to breeding. On arrival, it gives warm, soft and cozy rooms
As in all MyMoonSpots addresses, it is the intelligence of the heart that captures Surville. Organic lovers, you will be served. Here, fruits and vegetables come together in the present. All come from local producers and bios. Forgotten vegetables put on a pedestal like the purple pumpkin, called Hungarian Blue (to fall) or the Romanesco revisited by the chef (sweet and slightly tart). Here we only want to do you good and fun … cake Saturday afternoon … guests invited to taste a Norman gin by the fire … and the adventure does not stop there: Already, they swarm new projects like this swim lane expected in the spring.
We can not help but find immense empathy for this couple who embarked on this adventure without a net, believing that their idea was hard, against the advice of the bankers and everyone else. Audacity is noticeable in Surville and leaves this place exhilarated …


11 rooms from 180 euros breakfast included

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Spa 5 mondes.
Adresse ultrakids friendly : vélos, parties de Mölky dans le jardin, cueillette d’herbes fraiches ou de framboises dans le potager.

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Massage sonore au bol tibétain.

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