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Sleepless in Tel Aviv

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It is an ideal destination year-end...

The Norman is a small haven of peace, which changes all the major US chains that have tired a few years damaged the waterfront.
The Norman hotel is a few short years of existence. Its appearance as a UFO initially reflected a real change of mindset in Tel Aviv. In these small hotels, hospitality is a key word. This is actually a jewel in a city that does not particularly shine for its welcome.

It feels great in this rather unusual place. It is an addition that looks like a home to us. Intimate. Warm. We find the European codes. And that is normal because this boutique hotel was wanted and designed by a British banker who still lives in London.
In Norman, you’ll be picked up from A to Z. The attention to details is everywhere. If you stay for the second time, the staff will arrange for a photo of your family gently deposited in the room. Many end taste and benevolence. A souvenir factory.

It is surrounding himself with sharp talents as Norman reached this level of originality and elegance. The architect Yaov Messer worked when Israeli artists have enriched the Norman Collection.

Altogether 50 rooms, 3 restaurants (European and Japanese), a library, a pool on the rooftop. Opportunity to take a yoga class on the terrace. It is iconoclastic and this transpires the melting pot of cultures.
We see very little place as innovative, creative, inventive. Imagine this country moving elsewhere. In which nothing is fixed, everything is possible.


50 rooms. From 220 euros for two people.

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