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At Casa Amarelo, time is suspended.

Here we are in a yellow house, original, surprising, nestled in the heart of the bohemian Santa Teresa neighborhood in Rio de Janeiro. Surprising because the entry in the house is done first by a long corridor and mounted in a small pocket elevator. Strange place for a meeting. The door opens and then enters an atmosphere, that of a house from the early 20th century (built in 1904 by a European architect) passed from hand to hand before Laurent Gelis not fall in love. “In 2006, I came to Rio for Carnival, I discovered in Santa Teresa a sublime heritage houses, and this green, 660m2 with a pool. No one encouraged me to buy. The area was dangerous at the time. Yet I felt something very strong and I took the leap to create a place that is a travel experience. A place for those I call the new fighters “enthuses one who now lives between Paris and Rio.

Since then, the neighborhood has changed. It is said that Santa Teresa is a bit Montmartre Rio. The small restaurant and bistros trend bloom every street corner. And Santa Teresa has gained serenity, making it one of the most beautiful areas to stay a few days.

Casa Amarelo, it is 3 floors and a terrace that give a dynamic air and a feeling of lightness. Robert Hero brand, which experienced its heyday in Paris in the 2000s is omnipresent. Necessarily: the owner, Laurent Gelis, is still the artistic director. One of two things: either we know and love (already) this resolutely poetic colorful fabrics or one tames the mark and falls in love. It gives both a tone, but also a crazy intimacy to that house, we feel that the artistic director has put all his paw with kindness and courage.

Here the atmosphere is cool. Serene. No bidding Deco level, except may be for Sarah Poniatowski lamps. One feels that the pieces were mottled with right to left, the house breathes, magnified by the light coming through the blinds. fresh flowers, soft music, lush vegetation around the pool … Casa Amarelo does not take itself seriously. Respect for places, we made a vow of silence before going out and enjoy this crazy stunning city. This city that allows extreme and can work his imagination. Rio, not only violence, samba and Carnival. Rio is also languor that becomes a lifestyle. It is also this carelessness, the laughter and the familiarity of freedom. “Rio is simply a lifestyle. I did not think it existed on earth. The human being is at the heart of society. Everywhere, people are leaving for fun like they had 4 years. There is a joy of life, the present moment is joyous. In Brazil, people see others. This is a real society of living together that gives a great humanity. ” You understood, Laurent Gelis is madly in love with Rio de Janeiro. This city, it has in the skin. It is at the Casa Amarelo 10 days per month. Chock absolutely stay on his!


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