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Perfection in Como lake

They compete in beauty. But of all the Italian lakes, it is Cosma who wins the prize of elegance.
Beauty and harmony. On Lake Como, we go back in time, including strolling in thevillas deliciously obsolete, and remember that Liszt or Stendhal had fallen in  love with this lake. Lario means lake in Italian. Villa Lario, two villas with a bird's eye view of this popular lake of the Milanese jet set. The highest -    which hosts the 5 rooms and suites of the hotel - is leaned against the steep   sides of the lake. Completely restored 5 years ago, Villa Lario allows to live a confidential moment in total communion with the lake. The gardens are worked,  the pool invites to languor, and the sculptures of Nathalie Decoster sublimate  this soothing landscape. Best of all, yoga classes on the large outdoor terrace in the early morning.


5 rooms. From 500 euros per night.

Interests / activities

Boat on the lake!

Not to be missed

Visit villas around the lake...

The top

Le ponton privé.

To bring back

L'huile d'olive du lac, la Vanini Osvaldo est un trésor.

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