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Pause wine and chocolate along the Rhone

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Ronsard was his page. He was promised a bright future: eldest son of François 1st, it was to succeed him on the throne of France. In 1533, after a game of frenzied palm, the young Francis Street on a glass of ice water. He never recovered from the ensuing high fever and died at the Chateau de Tournon.

In 1533, after a game of frenzied palm, the young Francis Street on a glass of ice water. He never recovered from the ensuing high fever and died at the Chateau de Tournon.

A Tournon sur Rhône, diners can savor the secrets of the history of France. Often around a glass of wine … Because the town is ideally positioned in the vineyards of the Cotes du Rhone. This is the epicenter of Chapoutier Areas, Guigal and Jaboulet other (Caroline Frey).

Steeped in history and sip vines, lacked Tournon hotel able to play in the big leagues.


The hotel of the Villeon is nestled in a private house of the seventeenth century. One of the finest mansions in Tournon, which has seen, over the centuries, personalities from the world of arts, letters and politics. A house of town, but firmly encamped at the foot of the vineyards of Saint Joseph.
Tournon, the unknown. Tournon, insolent beauty with its hills that come vanish into the Rhone and wines that turn the heads of the greatest connoisseurs. Tournon, too secret.
So why break it? Probably because its owner wanted fiercely to share his love of the earth and its inhabitants.
The Villeon is not a hotel like any other. One feels on site fervor, dedication, and a strong team behind a project both original and daring.
I liked the atmosphere that shines upon arrival. This entry almost monastic, soft and serene, this staircase listed historic monument, parquet point of Hungary, the tiled terracotta roof garden … and 2000 M2 godsend in the city center, which allows the magic operate. The tones are neutral greige, deaf to better allow light to penetrate and sublimate the scene.
A total of 16 rooms including 4 suites in three categories. Bright, some have views of the hanging garden at the back of the house, others on the roofs of Tournon and Chapoutier domain. We can only advise you to “ Stash Attic ” marvel of tranquility with its mansard roof.
This address gum artifice. Here luxury touches authenticity and taste for beautiful things. Yet the bias was risky: no decorator who could have imposed a style or codes …
Suddenly, everything is the work of the owner. This is both bare and uncluttered, yet amazing, an explosive stranded at the turn of some rooms. We meet here and there pieces of diverse backgrounds, an eighteenth game of table chinée at Drouot, the herbarium of the same time pages, collections of butterflies under glass or even a stuffed lobster, also broke under glass …


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16 rooms (including 4 suites).
From 99 euros for two in low season, breakfast: 18 euros per person.
Wireless. Parking minutes.

Interests / activities

Tournon sur Rhône market every Saturday morning.

Not to be missed

The feast of onion in September, which puts the city in turmoil.

The top

Aller boire un verre au bar éphémère de la Maison Paul Jaboulet Ainé, au sommet des coteaux de l’Hermitage : s’installer au pied de la Chapelle, un verre à la main, pour observer le coucher du soleil sur les paysages époustouflants de la Vallée du Rhône.

To bring back

Wine, of course: Hermitage, Crozes, Côte-Rôtie, Saint Joseph ... but the Valrhona chocolate that one gives to the city of Tain l'Hermitage chocolate a few minutes walk ...


Paradoxical as it may seem, all is ultimately as soothing as comforting.


In Seagway through the vineyards of the Rhone Valley.


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