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Paraty Paradise

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"One block to the right, two blocks to the left, and you will find it, fore sure"

We are not in New York but in Paraty, Brazil small jewel located halfway between Sao Paulo and Rio. Casa Turquesa has a view on this little handheld port that was one of the whirlpool of Brazil 200 years ago.
I am delighted that this address is part of the collection MyMoonSpots. This address is a box. Surely it is by holding an iron hand (in a velvet glove) by Teresa, known affectionately by all heads. Brazilian love with Paraty for many years, she becomes infatuated there are less than ten years, on a whim, three houses which he was barely three walls and decided to open the most beautiful guest house Paraty.
The history of these houses immediately plunges us into the stunning history of this city of Paraty, still asleep pretty nostalgic. In the 18th Century, Paraty is simply the most important port in Brazil. Fabrics, silks, spices, everything is more beautiful and precious is landed in the pocket port from Portugal. This is especially gold which transits of Minas Gerais to Portugal that will enrich the city. It is in this house that were landed or ready to embark treasures. Closing his eyes, one can easily imagine the excitement, the smell, the smell of spices, but also coffee … Because coffee plantations who swarmed around Paraty was brought in by mule and then be routed to Rio Paraty de Janeiro. Little remains of coffee plantations in Paraty. They have been replaced by sugar cane for creating one of the best “cachaça” of Brazil.
There are still languishing in this city a gentle melancholy. It feels good in these streets with antique paving stones, polished by years and corroded by salt, have been preserved. The pavements are uneven. But Paraty has survived the test of time.

Let’s go back to that house. Unlikely there 13 years. 4 walls dating from the 17th century.
5 years of work. to the left of the stairs, right, a pool to cool off, the lush nature that seems to have made its way, against all odds. 9 suites, all different designated under the leadership of architect Renato Tavollaro Brazilian, who has restored 40 houses in Paraty. shelters nets woven by craftsmen in southern Bahia, white Egyptian cotton sheets, works of artists such as Jacques Rey or the English Margaret Mee, soaps and shampoos Granado, the oldest pharmacies in Brazil, the packaging so luxury apothecary , huge bed with flawless quality … at the Casa Turquesa, every detail is important.
Head is tireless, a concentrate of energy and kindness, always attentive to his guests and ready to embark on a recipe. Head is above all inexhaustible. Casa Turquesa? The turquoise color reminds me of the Mediterranean (as she likes to have lived in the south of France for many years), water from Greece, Tunisia. “And it is above all a color that brings well-being.” She learns that several years later, when his choice is made, that many fishermen’s houses, the bewitching islands off are painted in turquoise. Ironically. Or premonition?


From 380 euros including taxes and breakfast suite luxury.
Children under 14 not allowed to preserve the tranquility of this magical place setting for lovers.
Possibility of privatizing the house. Children will be accepted under the responsibility of parents.

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cours de samba, balades en goelettes privatives, kayak ou paddle dans la mangrove.

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