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Odyssey in the footsteps of trans-Saharan caravans

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And if, closing our eyes, we imagine other ways of travelling?

The feat of Thierry Teyssier is to be a pioneer in a new kind of hotel… Successfully skillfully implement these homes in pristine locations while tourists. Better: the houses fit into the space. Because they are open to the outside (the doors of the houses are meticulously open).
The journey within the meaning of the first travel writers like Nicolas Bouvier, then makes sense. Travel, keep an eye open, keep an eye open to the world.
And immersed in an intimate Morocco.

Starting point, Agadir. Finishing point, Ouarzazate. And a road that undulates, hemming the Sahara. The idea was to create a touring circuit that walks in the footsteps of ancient trans-Saharan caravan transporting gold, salt or gems between Marrakech and Tombouctou in Mali. Consisting of thousands of camels, they crossed the Atlas and the Sahara. Two months of walking to cross 2000 kilometers of desert following the water oases points.
It is a part of this road we suggest you re-borrow
The first spot is located 30 minutes from Agadir in a sumptuous valley, the valley of argan trees. Populated by hundreds of thousands of argan trees, become a major resource of Morocco.
House built respecting the Berber traditions (ceilings tataoui), gently camped in the village. It is the heart of a relentless show, goat show, children home from school, lying asses in the middle of the road …

Second spot after 3-4 hours away, the palm of Tighmert which welcomes home the Oasis. The spirit is very Out of Africa. From what this step, you are asked to climb a rocky promontory, the remains of one of the oldest granaries to Moroccan grains.

The last house is the name of red. Imagined hillside in a rural village, ultra authentic. Almost deserted. Perched amid a décor of Far West. A red canyon land, irrigated palm grove in a village of women.
What is a village of women? A jewel that was deserted by men, went to work in the big cities, Rabat, Casa … Remain women and children living in the humidity, in camera, discreetly.
I revel in the spirit side of the world, out of time.

During this tour, we understand that traveling can also be a work of art: Before leaving the first house, we are invited to barter his suitcase against a trunk that will follow us throughout the journey, we leaves home with a notebook to transcribe his thoughts, strengthened by some dates and almond milk.

Throughout the trip, succeed put in unexpected scenes parentheses romantic dinners or ephemeral appetizers, every desire can become reality with a snap, you steal from one surprise. Magic of a hotel turned into a director of a room that is yours.

Sublime landscapes, lunar, ergs, canyons, gorges dried, wadis, peeled extended, flattened by the winds and drought. Feeling that the road belongs to us. tu absolute sense. And in the background, the Sahara, mythical. The desert is also the one who inspired Antoine de Saint Exupéry in writing the Little Prince. The latter was often stopover in Ouarzazate airport in the 30s when the Casa flights / Saint Louis, Senegal had turned Agadir because of fog.


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