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Menorcan sweets

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For years now this little place has been in my head...

For years now this little place has been in my head… Just the name excites my greed: a deliciously creamy name that has the art of distilling, at a distance, honeyed fragrances.

When Stephanie and her husband fall in front of these two village houses nestled at the foot of the Menorcan mountains, one of them is still the village’s grocery store and it is in this small epicenter of the gastronomy that the kids come to stock up in homemade sweets, especially the famous besitos, these sweets in the form of kisses. It will be, legitimately, Ses Sucreres not to forget them. It was 9 years ago. Since then, Stephanie’s crazy idea to open a hotel in Ferrieres – forges in Catalan – which is neither the port of arrival (Mahon) nor the prestigious capital that has known the glory days of the island (Ciutadella), turned out to be a stroke of genius. Wandering or dining at a bistro in this small city that flows quiet hours away from the flood of tourists, we come to listen to music still authentic, and smell the real life of Menorcan.

In Ses Sucreres, there is also this sweet atmosphere that makes you feel at home while being on vacation. Energetic and tonic delicacies at breakfast, music that floods the living rooms, pages of photo books just waiting to be shot. Everything invites laziness and indolence. A special treat for eclectic deco, which is never taken seriously: here, each piece has been tastefully tapped between Breton bric-a-brac and barcelonian flea markets, island artists or trendy Parisian photographers. Sweet harmonious blend. Pretty allegory of the trip. We leave this address with regret


From 90 euros per night breakfast included

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Walk on the Cami de Cavalls.

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Menorcan honey of course!

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