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Less is rare in Stockholm

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It's a crazy idea. Install lodges on a Swedish island off Stockholm.

4 years ago, this project became a reality. A pugnacity force, I must admit.
Because settling tents on a desert island, you must first find the island in question. And in the archipelago, close enough to Stockholm, they are necessarily all inhabited. With the exception of one, on which Torqil has set his sights: Island Lodge, inhabited by deers and two owned by the Swedish Navy. It is on this island that the torpedoes were manufactured during the Second World War. For a year, Torqil, of Norwegian origin, and his wife called every week the National Navy to ask if the island was to rent. After a year and a half, they have been successful and have signed a rental lease.
Their project safari tents had sprouted in their heads and their business plan was ready for a while now. His wife, designer, has lived in Botswana when she was young.
It remained to find good tents. Good shape. Good looking. It took them a year around the world to find the right one.


8 tents. From 450 euros per person all inclusive, meals, drinks and activities. Sauna facing the sea. Wifi.

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