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It must first be patient and continue for 8 km on a bumpy road, impassable in rainy weather. It was later learned that he is a legendary route: the old Camino Real.

It was later learned that he is a legendary route: the old Camino Real, (ie royal road in Spanish), which allowed the horse carriages to reach Lima in Peru from Buenos Aires .

And then, in the distance, we finally see a gaucho, dressed as in books, screwed beret on his head, waiting for you in a vintage carriage. This is the beginning of the magic.

At 120 kilometers from Buenos Aires, the Bamba de Areco awaits you in her red dress oxblood, insolent pride.

This red allegiance slice with olive green lawn carpet.

Opposition of colors, offset two worlds: that which is just. The one where you arrive. The city and the countryside, the superficial and the intimate.

Here is the world of horses and birds, the silence merges with nature.

Please note, let us be clear: you can not in a simple hotel but in an authentic estancia with a polo field since you know that it is the national sport in Argentina. A French couple fell in love with this place outsized last few years because of polo exactly! Moreover, the team of Bamba de Areco won the prestigious title of the gold cup the English championship in 2009. That is why all rooms have been named after a horse.

Here, no two intimate dinners but a dive in Argentine life: large grill diners at lunchtime, this is the famous asado Argentine – incredible meat marinades, pudding, pork, chicken, beef, we grilled on the parilla – accompanied by this exquisite sauce, chimichurri so characteristic of Argentina.

In the evening, you are invited to a dinner recovery time where the dress code is required of himself as this estancia has been renovated with taste and attention. There is obviously the opportunity to dine alone together if the heart tells you. But the idea of ​​the owner is to perpetuate the ritual of its predecessor, too hotelier, who used to draw every night of large tables of guests. This gives improbable evenings where American couple from Los Angeles dining with a young trader in NY and London’s world tour …


11 rooms. From 600 USD for 2 people. Swimming pool. Polo field

Connexion wifi (un peu) délicate. Mais c’est ce qui fait le charme du lieu !

Interests / activities

Horseriding with gauchos.

The owner is an interior designer in London and put special care to careful decoration … I think of the intensity of these 12 Indians Apaches pictures taken by a Belgian photographer that sit in the dining room . I dig into my memories and the strength of that other cliché of a back gaucho, signed photo of the prestigious Argentine photographer Aldo Sessa, comes to mind. All objects are meticulously chosen, down to small leather notebooks branded B of Bamba. Refinement is extreme.

La Bamba de Areco is beyond the heart stroke. This is a moment of grace, unique.

Are a few days is to enter a different world. Certainly because there is, at base, a generous act of the owners: to share a state of mind, a way of life, an eye for detail … it’s what makes this Argentine pension timeless .

This address would not be what it is without the fantastic Argentine couple who manages a master hand, Guillermo and his wife Luli, also fell in love with the place. They are full of ideas and serious thought to offer guests to experience a swim with the horses in a nearby lake. If I tell you that the experience is unique …

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Horses whispers in Argentina


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