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Immoderate New York

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The street is nothing extraordinary to look at; it is deserted in Chelsea.

Red brick buildings. A gaping staircase on both sides. It emerges behind a heavy gray metal grid, which envelops the facade. Not very welcoming, this building of the architect Enrique Norten. The Americano Hotel is desired. It is certainly better to mark the difference with the heat inside. The carpet is soft. The sofas invite indolence. The coffee shop exudes its fragrance while a musician began a jazz tune. The atmosphere is jovial and friendly. A few minutes are enough to convince me that the latest addition to the small chain Habita is a gem. The Americano is the first address of the Mexican chain that owns 11 hotels in Mexico, all known for their cosmopolitan spirit.

Start our tour from the inside. The mind is deliberately fluid in an atmosphere that combines design and industrial. The ground is covered with concrete from the ground floor upstairs. The rooms are pure design voluntarily. The beds look like two peas in futons and cultivate Japanese minimalism and simplicity. The brand Le Labo products have found their way into the bathroom, small but well laid out. Everything is thought of as this shower to clear air giving the impression to wash in the middle of the bedroom. The spirit of the designer Arnaud Monsigny transpires.
In summer, the rooftop hosts a lovely pool. In winter, the pool is covered with tarpaulin and tables that accommodate a trendy restaurant.
So much for the hotel. But NYC is all about location. The Americano is situated 20 meters from the famous High line, the latest attraction in fashion in the Big Apple, kind of an open green corridor in NYC. 20 minutes aerial tour among trees will lead you to meatpacking, this redeveloped area, which housed the meat warehouses. The hotel is located on her 27th Street. A little creep district, reputed to be the temple of the night a few years ago, is now the haunt of trendy restaurants and the finest New York galleries. Still kept secret.


56 rooms. From 250 euros for 2. Breakfast at the coffee shop on the ground floor. Dinner on the rooftop. 2 bikes available for hotel guests.


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