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Escape in London

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It is hard to believe that this cosy and charming place used to be an old pub in decrepitude.

And yet, it is what Justin and Charlie ensure me, a little bit amused and relaxed, the young couple of thirty years old, and owner of the place. The Artist London Residence is the little brother of a first address in Brighton and of another in Cornwall. Hats off, because they had to truly believe in this project.
This trendy couple met the challenge to awake a sleepy beauty. This project is fresh, impulsive. This is natural and warm. The Artist Residence falls under the new wave of these hotels trend: neither “tradi”, nor “design”. Here, one emulously cultivates the rustic-knack-friendly side and the swag attitude.

At the origin, this is a family story! Justin took back a few years the B&B of his mom in Brighton. He had a hard time making ends meet, and he offered to artists to stay free in, in return for fabrics or drawings that they would offer to him. Some worked even straight from the wall, which inspired the name of Artist Residence. Justin quite simply took again the good old method, which had allowed painters or writers to settle in France, at the 19th century, in particular in Normandy.

Once the concept was validated, Justin opened a second place in Cornwall. Then his wife and him fell in love with this old pub located in a quiet street of London, next to Chelsea. Here are they embarked on a new adventure.
In this house, you will find good taste, vintage pieces found in antiquarians or collected in different funny places, an auction room… You will also find copies of Warhol, a customized snipe, candlesticks from Inès Cole, broad wooden tables, on the background of lounge music. The cosmopolitan staffs of the restaurant are kind and relaxed. “The food & beverage is the core of our place,” says Justin.
The weather is nice and warm, and everyone feels good in this New York inspired address. Here is a somewhere else that feels like home. We offer you a feel good place of the size of a friend’s big house. Run there!


les enfants sont more than welcome et dorlotés comme il se doit (coloriages et juices à profusion !)


12 rooms, starting from €200. A generous Brunch is offered (Benedict eggs and Cheddar Croque Monsieur…)

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The little extra: Children are more than welcome and pampered as it should be (colourings and juices with profusion!)

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