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Douro Valley & Quinta da Corte, lands of expression

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At each harvest, the ritual is the same: they are three or four to immerse themselves in the tank, from the grape to the knees, and to crush the grains in music, to smile with the lips ...

Spending a few days at Quinta da Corte, is a triple immersion.

In the vineyards, wine, manufacturing, fermentation first. We leave at the same time drunk with the scent and soothed by the color of the vines. Clinging to the slopes of the valley, they dribble and faint in the Douro snaking below.

The anchorage of these 30 hectares of vines, some of which are more than 100 years old, in this mineral earth, transmits an appeasement, a serenity.

Quinta da Corte is also an immersion in the work, the creativity, the imagination of

the interior designer Pierre Yovanovitch. Because imagine, in the old farm bought in 2013 by the entrepreneur Philippe Austruy, (owner of the castle Peyrassol) to make the current Quinta, it is necessary to work his imagination with audacity. His success is this cellar, ultra contemporary architecture, created from scratch, which required digging 25 meters in the shale for it to see the light of day. A marvel of design perched in the vineyards. The combination of concrete, oak, and tiles with muted colors summons a warm atmosphere to these large rooms with large windows. Some parts of the farm have been designed by Pierre Yovanovitch himself.

Finally, spend a few days at La Quinta, it is seize the chance to live with oenologists, sommeliers, assemblers, all these little hands that swarm to give life to this unique place. They make the Quinta, they live the Quinta; they are the soul.


Fromm 220 euros per night, breakfast included

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Walking in the vineyards!

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