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Cozy place in Ibiza

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I so much want to go back to Ibiza...

For his smells. His sweets. His light. His music of course. For this mix so pregnant with modernity and authenticity. There is still everything in Ibiza: people, DJs, farmers, artists, designers, outstanding personalities who have decided to settle on this little piece of land. All this small world coexists in a cosmopolitan atmosphere that gives it a unique charm.

In the middle of this happy melting pot, nestles are still more or less secret. Pure House is one of them. In the middle of olive trees, an old Andalusian building whitewashed with white lime stands proudly. Pure House is all that MyMoonSpots loves: a place out of sight, a luxury not ostentatious, a large pool, reading spaces in the shade of banana trees, a sense of hospitality rare embodied by Caroline and Rushan. Appraisal: the feeling of being alone in the world and tuking fullness just a few kilometers from the temple of the festival.


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