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Buggy and kitesurf on the northeast beaches

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Vila Kalango is more than a hotel. It's a crazy charming location at a unique place in the world.

Jéricoacoara (Jeri pour les intimes) est un petit village délicatement posé entre mer et dunes de sable blanc, à environ 300 kms au Nord de Fortaleza au Brésil. Jéri, c’est un spot romantique à souhait, sportif pour les uns (entre autres, mecque du kite surf), festif pour les autres. Ce qui fait de Jeri une destination à part, c’est qu’elle rassemble. Sur la plage, les danseurs de capoeira se mêlent aux passionnés d’équitation et aux kite surfeurs. Pieds nus dans le sable, c’est un curieux mélange de célibataires, de couples ou de familles avec enfants qui déambulent… L’harmonie au milieu des dunes est totale.


Jericoacoara (Jeri for short) is a small village delicately placed between the sea and white sand dunes, about 300 kilometers north of Fortaleza in Brazil.
Jeri is a romantic spot to wish for, sportive for some (among others, a kitesurfing mecca), festive for others. What sets Jeri apart from other destinations is that it gathers. On the beach, capoeira dancers mingle with riding enthusiasts and kitesurfers. Bare feet in the sand, it’s a curious mix of singles, couples and families with children who stroll…the harmony in the middle of the the dunes is absolute.

Vila Kalango is found in its place, in the middle of this gentle effervescence. It’s arguably the most luxurious location in this village planted on the sands of Jericoacoara. The bungalows, all built on pillars of eucalyptus wood, are camped in the middle of a small park overlooking the ocean. In each lodge, the walls were meticulously worked with clay, giving them character and authenticity. The accent is placed on each detail. The dim light, scents passing through the Italian fabrics.
Pool with a view of the the ocean, outdoor massages, surfboard or kitesurf rentals in a straw hut positioned in the very heart of the hotel, gargantuan breakfast (waffles and pancakes that will delight young or old…), Caipirinha or jars of mango juice in the shade of a palm tree in the late afternoon… Vila Kalango is simply a haven of peace.
A rare location in the northeast region of Brazil.


From 150 euros per night for two people including breakfast. To consume without moderation throughout the year (Jericoacoara is conveniently located a few degrees from the equator).

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