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Bordeaux’s colour

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It is a jewel in the heart of Bordeaux. The hotel I searched for years without managing to find out.

12 rooms and suites nestled in a mansion close to the Golden Triangle. Designers, like Damien Langlois Meurine or Hubert Legall handpicked. A name, the japanese tones created especially for this exceptional place. Yndo has found a tone of its own.
You enter through a courtyard wide and imposing. We meet climbers, we see stables hidden deep in the court. One does not enter a hotel but somewhere. A soft atmosphere captured. The past goes back little by little. Time stops, as if suspended. Perfect symbiosis between elegance and history.
A no wolves, we decided to enter this place.
High ceiling. Imposing. Alchemy muted colors in shades of purple. Harmony of fabrics and materials. And strong bias with these contemporary art paintings shifted, shimmering colors.
Definitely a place outside the norm. On second thought, (and to make my concise narrative), I fell for two things:
First free design concession of these volumes. A heart for a huge mansion also is not given to everyone. He had successfully revive it, working his imagination to imagine the heat of certain materials because Bordeaux is a stunning but deemed wet and cold city in winter …
Yndo looming behind a personality outside the norm. This is my second heart stroke: the owner and his rare talent. That embody this hotel. His strength is his creativity: Challenge codes of luxury, out of the usual imaging for 5 stars, stick to the expectations of new travelers in search of privacy.
Guiot Agnes, owner Caritz in Biarritz, sold everything to settle in Bordeaux. She immediately inhabited by the place. She loves when her first visit to this particular hotel yet for sale for 5 years! She instinctively turns into delicate conductor, giving that place of soul, humanity has always lacked. A hybrid between the hotel and the guest house of luxury. And to go to the end of its reasoning, it even creates the name …
In total, this gives 12 rooms and suites that are available in sober shades of white and ivory, accented by some muted colors. Some rooms (not too much anyway), mottled in auction houses to give a pop side instead, spacious rooms, designers in the wind, and most of the artists to the wall as Yannick Fournié, bright colors and exuberant poses on the large canvases.
A charming and delightful cocoon reassuring. ideal retreat for MoonSpotters since voluntarily discreet …


cozy rooms from 280 euros. Crazy Rooms from 450 euros.

Breakfast: 30 euros, real brunch can be served at any time.

Hotel privatized for various occasions.

Interests / activities

Escapade dans les vignes ou journée surf au Cap Ferret…

The top

Pas de restaurant mais possibilité de se restaurer à toute heure, la maîtresse de maison veille… et vous concocte une sole ou des pizzas maison en un temps record.


Criss-cross bird island in a kayak


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