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Beautiful Croatia

It is whispered that the biggest stars and fashionistas world meet in summer on this little piece of land.

Hvar, Saint-Tropez Croatian attracts the global jet set. And yet, ten minutes from this epicenter of the festival, the island still reserves well-kept secrets. Like this “Little Green Bay”.
Julie and Mathieu, former restaurateurs and Parisian designer, fell literally in love. They had always cherished the idea of opening a hotel without really having found the “best spot”: A pristine place, where competition is not yet too much exacerbated. “With my sister, we got into the habit of taking RV with the local real estate agency at the end of each of our holidays. And then one day she called me and said: I think I found! “. Two days later he was there and signed the purchase of this obsolete old guesthouse which they totally relooker.
What Mathieu does not know is that if there are no or few designer hotels run by foreigners in Croatia, in this beautiful country but in full renaissance, it is because it is a Course of the fighter to open one! We must face the laws, the culture, and above all the local languor and nonchalance. “Besides, if it were easy, everyone would be there,” remarked Mathieu, a bit amused.
Works and authorizations of all kinds will make the project unlikely, miraculous, depending on the phases. On several occasions, from disappointments to disappointments, they believed that the Croats would be right about them. But this bay, blessed by the gods, who bewitches them, will overcome the obstacles.

As the trump card of this hotel is obviously this protected calanque with translucent green waters. A totally natural cinema decor. Some floating cushions, a sea at 26 degrees which turns into a paradise of swimming (and not snorkelling). In the background, the building reworked with the ocher stone from Brac, small precious rectangles cut by hand and laid delicately by expert fingers.
Here, laziness is sweet. The cracking that combines with the present.

Today, Julie and Mathieu have found their marks. They know how to transmit this suspicion of gaiety and benevolence which make it a place of great sweetness. 3 years of work and so much impatience at the key, their hotel does not resemble any other. Here we are in a fashion “shop” of course, for the design spirit and a minimalist bit of the rooms. But in the 2 terraces of the bistro, it is rather the family home atmosphere that perspires. Customers sympathize, share aperitifs. Tables of children … and adults are improvised quite naturally. And they are there. Incarnation of their baby, like a great guest house in which it is good to live. “I like the idea of welcoming guests as if they were staying at home,” says Mathieu.

Decoration, no bidding, unity and simplicity of the rooms in shades of green, sometimes celadon, sometimes pigeon for the beach bags and aprons, vestige of the period when Julie directed the brand AirDeJe. The sheets are made of linen, the masking tape and the postcards branded in good place in the room in case a desire to do art mail would pass you by the head…

We leave with regret this place. With this question that comes up regularly since: “Mom, we go back to Little Green Bay? “. Fortunately, the photos taken discreetly by Julie during our stay have been able to prolong the softness of this parenthesis.


15 rooms. From 350 euros in high season breakfast included. Bistro at any time, salads grilled fish and other succulent lambs of Slavonia (absolutely taste the lamb of 7h cooked with the smothered). Small tip: to equip shoes to swim, because here, no sand but pebbles!

Interests / activities

Paddle, jet skiing, kayaking, fishing, excursions possible with the hotel boat, wake board, aperitifs at the top of the mountains ...

To bring back

Olive oil ... or if you have room, a piece of white stone from the island of Brac, nearby. A marble so tender and so famous that it served to build the capitol in Washington!

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