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The Japanese jet setter hurried to the bottom of the elevator that climbs the rooftop of this brand new skyscraper, created by designer Shinichiro Ogata. It isn’t the design of a tower which attracts all of Tokyo. But rather the boutique hotel that’s located between the 47th and the 52nd floor with an exceptional view of the Japanese capital. Andaz is the latest concept launched by Hyatt. Andaz Tokyo is the 12th of the Hyatt chain to have opened worldwide since the first in 2007 in London, it’s a little wonder, a smooth blend of urban-contemporary design steeped in a very intimate atmosphere. Orchestrated by Arnaud de Saint Exupery, the general manager who’s experience in the American group for ten years, of the well organized opening. Andaz wants to be a more lifestyle, more confidential than other brands of Hyatt. In fact, we appreciate the less formal atmosphere, less rigid than the other Japanese establishments. The Andaz is a cozy cocoon at altitude in the middle of Tokyo. Impeccable service, employees at your attention but in a unconventional steadfast style to refer you to a destination or restaurant choices, swimming pool with a splendid view of all of Tokyo. Brand new fitness room, ultra equipped. This hotel is a paradise as we like it.

Andaz means “personal style” in Indian. Andaz Tokyo is thus a soft reflection of reality and Japanese traditions. The love of nature and the importance of Japan’s seasons are ubiquitous through the washi (paper mache), the bathrooms foil with scents of bamboo, the light of Japanese lanterns infuse. As for the uniforms of the employees, they’re ancient Japanese peasant wear that were revisited to give them a modern touch. Objective: ensure that clients feel good while immersing in the local environment. “We want to give the keys of discovery that are different, inspire the customer and to be more than a hotel, a real crossroads of creativity,” says Arnaud with enthusiasm. Without realizing it, this pure French introduced within the Andaz Tokyo what a Japanese probably wouldn’t have known to do: make this hotel a place of exchange in which the element of emotion is strong.
Proust Questionnaire of Arnaud de Saint Exupery, General Manager of Andaz Tokyo – If the Andaz Tokyo was a fruit? It would be a kiwi, fruit that gives energy and boost.- If the Andaz Tokyo was a fish? It would obviously be a sea bream, a fish cooked for festivities and a very positive connotation!- If the Andaz Tokyo was in a different era? I think Andaz is exactly anchored between two eras: it reflects both Edo (ancient name for Tokyo), but leads to the Olympics in 2020.- If the Andaz Tokyo was spice? It would obviously be wasabi!


64 rooms. All rooms have stunning views of either the Tokyo Tower, Tokyo Bay or the Tokyo Imperial Palace. Spa with pool, sauna, gym. The hotel is conveniently located fifteen minutes walking distance from the Imperial Palace, the trendy Ginza and not far from the famous Tsukiji fish market. Nearest airport: Tokyo Narita (one hour drive) 4 restaurants and bars: Andaz Tavern on the 51st floor, Rooftop Bar on the 52nd floor, Pastry Shop and BeBun (beer and burgers like at home!), located on the ground floor. From 400 euros for a double room.

The top

Une chapelle est disponible sur le roof top pour ceux qui souhaiteraient se marier (réservation plus que conseillée !)

To bring back

Rolls of masking tapes from Tokyu Hands of course!


Sea, art and sun in Naoshima


Moon on the earth

Geishas haven’t said their last word


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