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And “Why Not” Castelbrac?

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When visiting this legendary villa in 1872, Lord Hamilton, Colonel Scottish hero of the Crimean War,

cannot hold a “What a bric à brac!” So this villa was loaded and crooked. The British is also surprised by the layout of the house consists of several buildings, but falls under its charm and its unique location at the Priory Bay. He buys it immediately. Almost 150 years later, the name is still terribly current. He even gave its name to a Dinard area called “Bric-a-Brac!” Hence the name of this unusual hotel: Castelbrac.
In 1934, lined marine research station in an aquarium, at the initiative of Commander Charcot, just lean back to the villa. These are the happy years of the famous explorer, owner of “Why not?” and Dinard aquarium that was at the time an institution. It was only in the 2000s that deteriorates and falls almost abandoned.

It is the time which remembers Yann Bucaille, the young owner, her eyes still sparkling. At the time, he lives Dinard and remembers rummaging through his memories, having visited dozens of times when he was a kid. He bought at the Natural History Museum on a whim in 2010. He caresses from the dream to make a retirement home to finish his old age with all his buddies. But multi-entrepreneur, creator of sailing Solidaire, – an association that offers boat trips to convicts or cancer – he finally would favor a dynamic “creative job that allows to implement values Human strong. ” The aquarium will be transformed into 5-star hotel and now employs thirty people.
Yann Bucaille is a successfull entrepreneur. What convinced him of one thing: we do not invent hotelier. It draws on the audacity and creativity of the young designer and decorator Sandra Benhamou who, in collaboration with the interior designer Leonie Alma Mason, has invested for 2 years in the place and turns it into a space friendly, stylish without ever being ostentatious.
Sandra Benhamou retains the old character of some wooden ceilings, fireplaces, staircases and beautiful and brings the whole a touch of sophistication and versatility.
In some places like home, it is the English spirit Hitchcockien was revisited with bottle-green woodwork, plaid and houndstooth chairs. Yann Bucaille is also surrounded by the expertise of a professional luxury hotels, Dominick Adrian, who headed 5 star hotels and luxury hotels worldwide and which, under the spell of this magical place has agreed to take the lead Castelbrac.

Today the hotel Castelbrac, situated high overlooking the sea with its 360-degree view, is a unique and magical place. Located in the heart of Dinard, on the Emerald Coast, it just rekindle a share of the past that has seen in the resort, in past centuries, both the English King Edward VII, Lawrence of Arabia, Agatha Christie, Pablo Picasso or even Albert Lacroix, Victor Hugo editor.

The signing of the hotel “Soul haven” refuge of the soul, is declining both in the home, the library where each book was meticulously chosen, but also, more surprisingly, in the creation of a chapel. The place, facing the sea would have been a wonderful terrace overlooking Saint Malo. Yann Bucaille has a point that this idyllic place becomes a place open to all where guests of all faiths are able to collect. This chapel, of Christian origin, wants interfaith.
Castelbrac reinvents the codes of luxury. Here it goes through serenity, benevolence, personalization and exclusivity. Besides, when you stay there, you will find that the guests are not customers but guests…


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25 rooms. From 270 euros for two. Breakfast, 18 euros. The 28-seater restaurant is housed in a large open room on Priory Bay, the Charcot commander himself pacing dreaming of his future expeditions "Why not? "

The top

Paris / Saint Malo: 3 hours by train. Then 2 possibilities: A tesla is waiting at the station and drops you off at Castelbrac. We prefer the "vaporetto" solution, more romantic: The hotel's boat, waiting for you in Saint Malo and takes you to the hotel in 10 minutes by sea.

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