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Anamorphic Uruguay

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It was a lovely little village of fishermen. Incarnated by a lighthouse. The famous "faro" dear to the people of José Ignacio.

It became a jet set resort, popular with Argentinian people of course, but also Americans and Brazilians. An outgrowth in Uruguay, a small country wedged between Argentina and Brazil. But let’s face it: a small paradise licked that has retained its charm and personalities attract people from around the world.

Sandy beaches become den of surfers, trendy restaurants where we switch language as fast as smartphone, some fine shopping without falling in major international luxury brands. José Ignacio has kept its soul and preserve a cool atmosphere, very cosmopolitan, trendy, bohemian strand. A mixture of French Cap Ferret with its shops and authentic human size. A false air also Hamptons.

Here the jet set Argentina obviously gives appointment, but also crosses Colombian Shakira is a house, the Franco-Italian Carla Bruni was there last month, or English, like Naomi Campbell or Ralph Lauren.

Quite to rub shoulders with celebrities, as many assume, and must offer to Jose Ignacio: Sleeping in dens created by Alexander Vik, a Norwegian businessman, whose mother was Uruguayan, literally fell in love the corner and become a real phenomenon in Jose Ignacio .

In effect, this gives two hotels out of the ordinary, in which it places both his imagination and desires.

Playa Vik, first, that was designed by the Uruguayan architect Carlos Ott, (the one that François Mitterrand was chosen to design the Opera Bastille in France) and must star in Uruguay! Ode to contemporary art, with works by artists such as Javier Abdala and his famous portraits of wood, but also James Sorrell, one feels in an art gallery in the open rather than in a hotel.

The BahiaVik, opened more recently has his feet in the sand, and four pools that intertwine. Here, communion with nature is stronger. This did not prevent artists from entering the rooms. Guests pass easily from one place to another. Everything is in abundance, generous, quirky, sometimes a bit indecent, but is not that the game?

I liked the peaceful atmosphere in the soft, warm light up to 20 or 21 hours in February. The trade winds that enable practicing kite. Farms and generous waves slamming.

Viva José Ignacio.


From 750 euros for 2 peoples. Punta del Este airport : 60 kms.

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