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Alone in the world on a volcanic rock

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Off the coast of Sicily, a string of seven rocks still murmur the stories of volcanoes.

Isolated, still preserved. Indeed, some are already known to be the smallest, in which every summer meets the Italian jet setter who has a rhythm of wild music. Stars and gilded youth don their most beautiful apparel at nightfall and the music doesn’t stop until dawn. Voila, trendy Panarea.

But I suggest you to accost on the most authentic, the most wild of these volcanic islands. The delicate Salina, second largest island of the archipelago by its area and population, is a small treasure. You’re right, its name derives from the word salt, it hasn’t been so long ago when salt was extracted from a small pond that still exists. A small port. A small “capital” that strolls and feasts on Italian sweetness. And particularly six majestic volcanoes: the island possesses relief as the highest of the archipelagos islands. The mysterious Salina is known for the lively erratic population. In seventh century, it was the most populous island, the volcanic activity is dense in Lipari.

In reprisal, it was almost deserted around the fifteenth, sixteenth century because of Arab invasions. Perhaps the legacy of these migratory waves is the reason why Salina remains guarded, fierce and never relieved by its typical Sicilian charm. Hotel Signum is about twenty kilometers from Santa Maria. It became a small business in Salina. Set in the tiny village of Malfa, you reach this charming boutique hotel by a small path lined with pink bougainvilleas. At the end, a terrace and stunning view of the most mythical volcano of the Aeolian Islands, Stromboli.

Why Signum? For its charm, the rooms are nicely decorated without too much flashiness, the food, tasteful (creamy risotto, grilled tuna or swordfish, caponata veggies…), aperitifs facing Stromboli. For leisure, Salina doesn’t have a white sandy beach (in which it’s preserved from mass tourism). The island is very steep, you can walk down to the pebble beach that lies below. We love the uniqueness of this island. The magnetism it carries.


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Rooms for two people with breakfast from 125 euros in low season. Excellent half-board. Spa available to guests.
Kids welcome with open arms. If they aren’t tempted by the pebble beach, the hotel’s swimming pool is at their disposal.

Direct flights to Sicily via low cost airlines, then boat leaving from the pier at Milazzo or eventually from Palermo (a little less ferries and navigation is a bit longer) and even Naples.

To bring back

Capers and again, capers! The ones from Salina which are exported all over the world.

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