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Inle Lake. A dreaming name.

Steeped in ancient traditions and still delicately preserved.

Inle Lake… 21kms long, 11 wide. And so many water hyacinths that scatter and bloom in the spring.

Lost Paradise will say some. It is true that it has metamorphosed in 20 years. Disappeared or almost, the mythical fishermen with their baskets. They now prefer to transport tourists, more lucrative… Worse, the level of Inle Lake would have lost 30% of its surface. And the hyacinths of water that swarm and give it a magical side have the misfortune to pump the oxygen necessary for fish. The ecosystem of the lake is therefore threatened. Maybe it will have disappeared before being invaded by hordes of tourists. We hope so. Because this unique place in the world is of a crazy beauty. Intriguing, captivating.

The Inthas, inhabitants of the lake, whose fishermen maneuver the canoes by rowing with the leg, have lived in harmony for centuries. Here, the whole life is organized around houses on stilts bamboo, sometimes bright colors and so fishing, carp, catfish, eels,

The children go to school by boat, the inhabitants take care of their floating vegetable gardens …

Harmony and delicacy of this people that tourist madness has not yet come to disturb.

The kayak allows you to take your time, talk with the locals, exchange a smile, linger in front of a school to watch the children leave with a laugh, observe an intha working his floating vegetable garden, enjoy the the inhabitants’ recollection in front of a monastery, to listen and to be carried away by the small music of Burmese life, so sweet, so light and harmonious, to share, to share. No longer be a spectator but actor of his journey.

At night, a canoe will accompany you to your hotel, the discreet and intimate Villa Inle.


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