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Exceptional dinner with TF1 reporter Liseron Boudoul

By the force of things, she is almost always at the forefront of the jolts of our world ...
Boudoul Liseron, reporter at TF1,
spends most of his time between Iraq and Kurdistan, Mali, Syria or Iraq.
She is a war reporter, always on the alert, always ready to leave, - besides, she has several suitcases still made including one to TF1 to be sure of getting on the first plane in case of emergency.
Is it the big story and this constant risk taking that keeps her alive?
Liseron Boudoul gives us the immense gift of coming to tell his daily life, his sleepless nights, his fears, his adrenaline, a little of his personality, a little of his doubts too ...
This exceptional meeting will take place
Thursday, April 11, 2019
At the MyMoonSpots travel apartment
We will evoke, obviously, its actuality and this book "they risk their lives" co-written with 3 other great reporters of TF1, which has just been published by Tallandier.

Price: 90 euros
# 10 guests only

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