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Saint of saint

DesireArty & Design
Direction Saint-Germain des Prés.

this hotel of the MyMoonSpot’s collection in Paris is located in one of my favorite streets of the capital: the rue du Pré clerics.
A delightfully antiquated street in which we still find a gallery, an antique shop and there is little a bookbinder …

The saint is today a small fifty rooms. But it is recent: there are still a few months, the block covered three different hotels: the St Vincent, St Thomas Aquinas and Lenox (which had its heyday in the 80s thanks to the world of fashion). At St., no higher bid in terms of decor, architect, no overfishing trends that could transform the hotel into place one shot that you try not return.
The Saint is a cocoon. Its owner, Bertrand Plasmans captures the zeitgeist, working with recognized talents as architect Vincent Bastie, the perfumer a hipster stranded Barnabé Fillion for candles or the photographer Pierre-Elie de Pibrac who carried out the hanging of a series of photographs taken especially in the area for the hotel.
All these “names” are not used in Marketing opportunist spirit. But just out of curiosity job well done.

Here it is in a family house in the French spirit. Parisian atmosphere. Fireplace, Library, one is in St Germain des Prés, 2 steps of the largest publishers with Gallimard, and do not forget that this is the chair of Rue Juliette Récamier and Chateaubriand standing room …

But the Saint is also a hotel … green. Because one of the passions of the owner, is gardening.
To differentiate itself from other hotels there ten years, Bertrand had the idea of ​​covering the plants Hall. Geranium, vines, Wisteria, Ivy was a little paris campaign
Today, this idea persists, but it went further, adding a flower bar. The idea is as simple as: install at the entrance to the hotel plants or bouquets that customers can get into their room. It made its market and set up his or her dahlia bouquet of roses. So chic.


From 235 euros the room for 2 people.

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