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In the steps of Pagnol at one hour from Paris

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Coming to Crèvecoeur won't be a crève-coeur for anyone.

That’s certainly the reason why Marcel Pagnol took up a residence there. Moreover, it’s in this place where he wrote Manon des Sources and Jean de Florette. Sonia Rykiel made no mistake either since she had a house close by…

There are houses where you feel good upon arriving. “La Grange du Hussard” is one of them. Nestled in the heart of a small village, sheltered from the wind and looks, it’s warm and human sized. Here you learn again to love the countryside living for a weekend with family or friends. The house is simple but extremely comfortable and uncluttered but well-designed, and the décor is warm in shades of pearl grey, taupe and ecru. Each object has been selected with accuracy: antique terracotta floor tiles, new furniture and antiqued furniture from a secondhand shop from the area…
In the living room wall, a contemporary pairing comes to reinforce the modernity of the place. La Grange du Hussard is a melting pot of good taste. The owners maintain this place with as much care as discretion. “We searched a long time for this house that allows us to disconnect from our daily life in Paris. Our weekends at La Grange Hussard are the essential transient digression,” they acknowledge.

But where are we? In Eure, a hilly and green area, ponds, located 90 kilometers from Paris. Close to home, there’s always vintage shops to hang about with family and dig for amazing finds. The forest isn’t far away and overflows with chanterelles and boletus. At this time, the leaves fall, winter takes hold, but the firewood still crackles in the fireplace. In spring and summer, a must, you can borrow the four bikes available for you and call any neighbors to action to explore the rolling countryside. The tennis village is also open to hit some balls with friends. For the smaller ones, a pony club isn’t far.
The villages of Pacy-sur-Eure, Cailly-sur-Eure, Chambray and Fontaines-sous-Jouy are not bad for visiting the area before dinner. Incidentally, in the barn, you’ll find a barbecue to grill all your meats. You’ll have a taste under the hundred-year-old tree before taking a nose dive into the garden with a coffee in hand. You guessed it, all seasons are good to spend a weekend in Crevecoeur. Further, Giverny and the beaches of Normandy await if the heart says so.

Mais où sommes-nous ? Dans l’Eure, région vallonnée et verdoyante, truffée d’étangs, située à 90 km de Paris. A proximité de la maison, il y a toujours une brocante pour flâner en famille et faire des trouvailles étonnantes. La forêt n’est pas loin et regorge, à l’automne, de coins à cèpes ou girolles. A cette époque, les feuilles tombent, l’hiver saisit, mais le feu de bois crépitera toujours dans la cheminée. Au printemps et en été, le must, ce sont les descentes de l’Eure en canoë kayak. Vous pouvez emprunter les 4 vélos mis à votre disposition ou faire appel au loueur tout voisin pour découvrir la campagne vallonnée.

Le tennis du village vous accueille également pour taper quelques balles entre amis. Pour les plus petits, le poney club n’est pas loin. Les villages de Pacy-sur-Eure, Cailly-sur-Eure, Chambray et les Fontaines-sous-Jouy ne sont pas mal non plus pour visiter la région avant de se mettre à table. A ce propos, dans la grange, vous trouverez un barbecue pour faire dorer vos grillades. Vous les dégusterez sous un arbre centenaire avant de piquer du nez dans les transats du jardin un café à la main. Vous l’avez compris, toutes les saisons sont bonnes pour passer un week-end à Crèvecœur. Plus loin, Giverny et les plages de Normandie vous attendent si le coeur vous en dit…


Complimentary bottle of chilled champagne upon your arrival.

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HOW TO GO? By car from Paris: A13 Direction Normandy. Exit Gaillon. 90km. Duration 1 hour and 15 minutes

INFO : 1,390€ including VAT for a weekend, from Friday to Sunday, including housekeeping. The price decreases if you book several weekends a year. Accommodates up to 10 people: 3 double bedrooms and child room of 2 bunk beds. 1 bathroom and 1 shower room, 2 wc, washing machine, dishwashing machine, N’espresso machine, 250m2 fit to live, 2,000 m2 of garden. Sheets, towels, dishcloths, all set up before your arrival. Bicycles available at your disposition.

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Delivery of gourmet baskets with products from the farm available (fruits and vegetables, meat, eggs, cheese, butter, yogurt, and farmer’s apple juice) and a selection of fine wines on request. Baskets between 95 and 200€ depending on the size and nature of the request. Delivery, upon request, magazines of the week.

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