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Minorca. An island still wonderfully preserved so full of mysteries, well-kept secrets, and the wind that caresses stones and draws its own stories.

Fascinating island because it has been coveted by many peoples for centuries, invested by the Greeks, Muslims, vandals, the British and … the French! … Today all these influences, deliciously brewed, continue and offer him his singularity.

On this island lies a hiding place still secret: Cugo Gran. An old Menorcan farmhouse still in operation about 50 years ago, which has been completely restored by a lover of the island surrounded by the best craftsmen. The arrival is prestigious, in this avenue of cypresses, and one immediately observes the importance given to the stone, the property is literally embraced by dozens of dry stone walls, typical of the landscapes of the island because they delimit rural and residential plots. the house is sublime even if it retains its rurality, whitewashed walls and porch facing south.

At Cugo Gran, the feeling of being alone in the world dominates. we listen to the sound of the wind reverberate on the walls, we soak up the plenitude as far as the eye can see, these hundreds of wild olive trees that stand proudly to the sea, on the horizon.

The decor is very bare. The beautiful part is made to white, in a very “Ralph Lauren” spirit. No fault of taste even if we would have liked some touches of Menorcan colors here and there. Sincere and generous welcome. a unique and preserved hiding place on this island.


A partir de 350 euros par nuit, petit déjeuner organic fabuleux.
Location de la maison à la semaine dans son intégralité (12 chambres), prix sur demande.

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Piscine de 26m de long, potager bio.

The top

Courir après les tortues et les ânes en liberté dans la propriété.

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Des "arvaca" minorquines.

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