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City Break : a secret design in Arles

DesireArty & Design
Unsuspected and discrete.

For finding it, forget about strolling through the maze of streets in the old town of Arles. You’ll really get lost. Winding up in an authentic neighborhood with a pinch of, “bobo”, bourgeois bohemian. The district of Roquette is just a few minutes from The Forum. Past the heavy, thick door, it says it all. The urban commotion fades, leaving way to tranquility of a garden, even as it rests in the heart of the city. So, there, our haven of peace. A secret just like Arles knows how to keep. A smallfountain, hundred-year-old trees, pool…the scents casts spells on you. The mayor of Arles, in 1824, built this house known under the name of the hotel, Chartroux. This is the last mansion built in Arles in the 19th Century. Brigitte Pages de Oliveira turned it into a hotel; revisited, it’s become a jewel of elegance. A location as secret as it is discreet. Nothing is left to chance, from breakfast to the pool, the small candles that illuminate the place at dusk passing by the Starck furniture that comes to find its place in the fifteen rooms in fluid contemporary lines. Get there before it’s too late.


From 300 euros for two: breakfast (23 €), spa. Closed in winter.

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And why not?: “Les Rencontres Arles”, an annual summer photography festival.

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